Top Ways to Build Consumer Trust for Your Ecommerce Store

The rapid growth of the e-commerce market presents new opportunities and challenges for small and big businesses alike. E-commerce offers companies the ability to expand their consumer base worldwide, allowing them to use digital channels and social media to acquire new customers. However, because of consumers’ ability to compare and contrast companies online, considerable competition exists. Therefore, your company must build solid online trust with your customers. 

While brick and mortar companies can establish immediate customer trust by providing in-person insights regarding product quality and company policy, e-commerce stores must establish trust and credibility online to address increased consumer uncertainty. In the e-commerce market, trust is the cornerstone of customer-company relationships.  

Younger and older generations alike are generally apprehensive about shopping online because of these top e-commerce consumer fears: 

  1. Fear of stolen credit card information 
  2. Fear company will sell personal information 
  3. Inability to track packages 
  4. Inability to return orders
  5. Inaccurate image and product descriptions 
  6. Lack of help from salespeople

Because of these fears and uncertainties, customers want to make purchases only from e-commerce stores that they trust, but, how do you build this trust? Given Cider’s considerable experience in building secure and trustworthy e-commerce websites, we have compiled a list of the best practices to build a trustworthy e-commerce site. 

Build a Strong Social Media Presence 

In today’s culture, a brand cannot afford to ignore the importance of using social media to build trust among consumers. Posting frequently on social media allows your customers to receive a behind the scenes look into your company. 

Why does social media build consumer trust? 

  • Accessible communication with the brand through private messaging features 
  • Creates a platform for discussion between users and the brand 
  • Allows for a community of like-minded users 
  • Eliminates a brands ability to filter out negative reviews 
  • Displays the faces and values behind a product 

Use social media to share your company values and show the people and processes behind your business to increase comfort when making a purchase. 

Include Detailed Product Images and Descriptions 

When customers make purchases online, they expect to receive quality products from legit manufacturers. However, fake, counterfeit, or cheaply made products are a considerable threat to consumer trust. It is important to include high-quality images from multiple perspectives to give customers a detailed image of the product that they are interested in purchasing. Additionally, if possible, include dealer credentials or authentification seals to guarantee product genuinity. 

Likewise, it is essential to include product information such as weight, size, and product material to ensure that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. This will reduce customer disappointment and increase purchases. Customer reviews and testimonies can be a great way to defend the quality of your products, as they provide an unbiased, third-party description of the product and their overall experience with the company. By establishing increased trust among potential customers, your e-commerce site will dramatically increase sales. 

Be Transparent 

Ensure that the return, shipping, and exchange policies are clearly stated and easily accessible on your website. Your website must address questions such as

  • How long does a return take? 
  • How quickly can you cancel an order? 
  • What are the shipping costs? 
  • What are the return costs? 
  • How long does it take for a refund to be issued? 

 Making these policies clear will ensure that customers feel comfortable with their purchases. 

Make Yourself Accessible 

According to an eConsultancy study, consumers are 46% more likely to shop from a store with easily accessible contact information. Customers trust brands that are readily available to answer questions or address concerns. Ensure that your website prominently displays a customer service email, phone number, live chat, etc. and offers quick and informative responses. The faster your response time, the faster the consumer can make a purchase. 

Ensure Security 

Web security threats are a huge reason many are apprehensive about shopping online. Customers want to be sure that their data, especially their credit card information, is secure and protected. Consequently, many customers search for ecommerce trust badges or signals of an EV SSL certificate such as 

  • Entity details in the SSL certificate
  • Seals and badges on the website that indicate the trustworthiness
  • The Entrust green standard displayed by a green address bar 

The EV SSL certificate offers robust encryption to secure online transactions and phishing protection, providing high validation to ensure customers’ security. Consider investing in an EV SSL certificate to increase customers’ confidence in the security of your website.