Talkdesk is entirely cloud-based call center software – all that is required to use it is a computer and Internet connection.


  • User-friendly interface that helps System administrators manage customer users, integration settings, automations from Salesforce UI.
  • All new interfaces based on Lightning components and using the Lightning.
  • Design System. Must still work in Salesforce classic.
  • User-friendly interface to manage SMS’s, which can be added to any layout or Console in Lightning and Classic.
  • Integrate with the native Salesforce Call Center functionality


  • User-friendly interface to create 2-way connection between SF and customer using OAuth.
  • User management component, which allows to sync Users between SF and customer automatically and manually.
  • Integration settings, automation management component to make them configurable without opening customer interface.
  • SMS management component to send, receive SMSes with changing statuses dynamically.
  • Lightning Experience was used for both Lightning and Salesforce Classic.
  • Generate Sample Data functionality.
  • Reports/Dashboards created.
  • Partner Sign-Up flow with SSO.

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