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Staff augmentation service for your business

Seamlessly integrate skilled professionals with staff augmentation. Scale your workforce, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery.

Staff augmentation service for your business

Seamlessly integrate skilled professionals with staff augmentation. Scale your workforce, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery.

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    What services do we offer

    Cidersoft offers staff augmentation services for specialized expertise across domains and technologies. Supplement your workforce with our skilled professionals to:

    Scale your workforce

    Quickly expand your team with qualified professionals to meet project demands without the need for long-term commit- ments or extensive recruitment processes.

    Access specialized skills

    Gain access to a diverse talent pool with expertise in specific technologies, ensuring you have the right skills for your projects and initiatives.

    Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

    Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the staff size based on your requirements, allowing you to optimize costs and allocate resources efficiently.

    Seamless integration

    Our professionals seamlessly integrate into your existing team, aligning with your company culture, processes, and project requirements.


    Why outsource Staff augmentation service

    When it comes to staff augmentation services, outsourcing can offer several benefits for companies. Here are four key reasons why companies should consider outsourcing their staff augmentation needs:

    Access to a global talent pool

    Outsourcing staff augmentation taps into a global talent pool, accessing specialized expertise for project requirements.

    Cost savings

    Staff augmentation results in cost savings by engaging resources as-needed, avoiding full-time employee expenses.

    Time efficiency

    Outsourcing staff augmentation eliminates lengthy recruitment processes, enabling quick onboarding of skilled professionals for faster time-to-market.

    Flexibility and scalability

    Staff augmentation offers flexibility and scalability for efficient resource allocation and workload management, adapting to changing business needs.

    Affiliations and Awards

    Cidersoft is one of the best companies to hire for Staff augmentation service

    Access to Top Talent

    Cidersoft’s staff augmentation services provide access to highly skilled professionals for project success.

    Enhanced Flexibility

    Scale workforce based on project requirements for flexibility and cost management.

    Cost Efficiency

    Outsourcing staff augmentation avoids full-time employee expenses, resulting in cost savings.

    Reduced Time-to-Hire

    Accelerate project timelines with Cidersoft’s efficient recruitment process for qualified professionals.

    Our clients and partners

    We are always looking for new clients and partners to work with. Join our network and experience the benefits of our custom development services. Contact us today to discuss your project or staffing needs.


    Our portfolio showcases our diverse expertise in industries ranging from healthcare to e-commerce. We have delivered over 200 successful projects for clients worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to quality and innovation.

    Staff augmentation service process with Cidersoft

    The staff augmentation service process with Cidersoft follows a well-defined lifecycle to ensure seamless integration of skilled professionals into clients’ projects:


    Staff augmentation hires external professionals or teams to fulfill specific skill requirements or project needs.

    Staff augmentation offers flexibility in scaling workforce, broad talent pool, specialized skills, and cost-efficiency.

    Staff augmentation quickly addresses skill gaps, meets project deadlines, provides expertise and fosters innovation.

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