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Customers that switch to Salesforce typically see a 28% increase in revenue.

Customers that switch to Salesforce typically see a 28% increase in revenue.

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    Why Salesforce?

    Salesforce is the ultimate Customer Relationship Management platform that connects customers and businesses. Salesforce helps companies manage relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. 

    Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM platform that delivers a single, shared view of each of every customer to handle all of your departments. Marketing, sales, finance, and customer service will be totally in sync.

    Salesforce is a full-service CRM system that features multi-purpose software, apps, tools, technologies, and strategies to manage, attract, and retain customers.

    Salesforce’s tailored B2B marketing automation solution,Pardot, gives companies a central location to manage their marketing automation projects and manage customer outcomes.

    Pardot also tracks prospects to show how they interact with your company across all marketing channels so you can reshape all marketing strategies to hit key performance indicators that drive your business. The best feature of Pardot is that it unifies and aligns sales and marketing in one place to help you acquire more qualified leads and nurture prospects through the sales cycle.

    Pardot enables efficient planning for email marketing, and robust ROI calculations.

    Pardot covers every email marketing operation including social media management, SEO, lead generation, and customer behavior tracking.

    By integrating Pardot into your business, you will be able to handle every aspect of the digital marketing process, under a single platform.

    Now, every business’s marketers have a chance to turn themselves into strong revenue-generating heroes with the help of Cidersoft’s Pardot consultants.

    Digital transformation is all about connecting all of your business systems effectively.

    Mulesoft is a data integration platform specially designed to provide integration software for Salesforce’s connecting applications, data, and devices.

    Mulesoft can also perform analytics and extract/transform/load (ETL) processes and can be used with the Studio graphical user interface (GUI), dataflow, and API designer kits to create integrations and analytics to meet complex business needs.

    MuleSoft can connect to nearly any system, device, application, or dataset. This brings every aspect of the running business to one place to increase visibility, truly unleashing the power of the Customer 360 Data Manager feature.

    MuleSoft and Salesforce, combined, give businesses the ability to access data across different systems, design customized integration frameworks, and ultimately create differentiated, connected experiences at a rapid pace.

    AppExchange is an ecosystem of 3400 ready-to-install Salesforce apps that can help your business’s customer-facing teams and departments. AppExchange features useful tools and apps that unleash your company’s productivity.

    Today, 157 lightning-ready third-party applications are available in the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. Every single application hosted in Salesforce AppExchange is carefully tested and integrated to ensure high performance on the Salesforce platform.

    The Salesforce consultants and developers on the Cidersoft team have completed expert AppExchange projects. They’ve also migrated legacy products to AppExchange efficiently.

    We have a team of Salesforce professionals who are ready to help you with the creation and publishing of your apps on the platform. We always use advanced methods including powerful APIs, Lightning components, and mobile-ready tools to develop apps that suit your business.

    If you aren’t familiar with AppExchange , don’t worry, we will take you through the process of AppExchange and guide you about everything concerning product design, developing, reviewing, and publishing Salesforce apps.

    58% of Salesforce customers have plans to integrate these additional Salesforce clouds.

    Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based system that keeps all the data about leads, customers, and sales in one place. Sales Cloud is quite different but can be connected to the other Salesforce cloud platforms including Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. In a typical business, customer data is usually stored in various documents, spreadsheets, and emails that make it difficult and messy to interpret and find. Also, it doesn’t provide meaningful insight. Sales Cloud solves this problem for most companies so that sales data can be put to meaningful use, quickly. Sales Cloud connects all of the sales organization’s mobile devices, and computers so they can log in at any time, from anywhere. When all sales data is available in one place, forecasting, performance visualization, and future trends discovery are easy. The Sales Cloud is completely customizable and the platform can be modified to any language or currency.

    Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive service management platform that connects companies with customers and channel partners to successfully provide excellent services.

    The name tells itself that Service Cloud is more focused on providing support and services to the customers. This helps every business in building a strong relationship with customers eventually resulting in retaining the customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. The main feature of the Service Cloud is it provides faster service as compared to traditional methods. It allows companies to give individual attention to each customer’s needs and take a proactive approach to customer issues. This ensures customers satisfaction and enhances the customer’s experience, which in turn has an overall positive impact on sales.

    Integrated with business intelligence, also known as Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a platform that is optimized for mobile access and data visualization.

    Salesforce has a mobile app for analytics for its users that allows them to work with large data files and create graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations of data from them. With Analytics Cloud, you can view application performance, understand adoption and usage, and access security data about all your Salesforce integrated business areas. It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business is as Salesforce Analytics Clouds lets medium to large businesses explore and analyze data sets quickly and efficiently It promotes the implementation of rapid data exploration, the results of which are displayed through layers of dynamic visualization over underlying data sets that is powered by Einstein Analytics and Tableau.

    Salesforce offers this tool kit for business users to come up with better decision-making by simply understanding the current scenarios and giving you predictive insights so you can plan ahead.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers a customized and automated email marketing solution for nearly every business. Businesses find new market segments and customers who are likely to interact with their products bysing highly automated, AI-integrated and customized email marketing solutions by Salesforce.

    Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one integrated solution containing automated email marketing, customer journey management, Salesforce Social Studio, Mobile Studio, advertising management, web personalization, content creation and management, and data analysis.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes high-quality templates that reduce businesses’ efforts and time to crack business deals. Our Marketing Cloud professionals are excited to help you out in providing the most suited marketing solution so that you can reach your digital marketing goals effortlessly.

    Salesforce gives your business 4 key strategic advantages
    - start taking advantage of them now!

    Sales Growth

    Customers receive timely information about significant events, such as new products and services, offers, and sales promotions. This personalized approach increases both brand loyalty and customer retention.

    Increased Profitability and Efficiency

    The main way that Salesforce customers get profitability increases is simple – it’s from a typical 44% increase in sales productivity

    Faster Decision-Making & Peerless Dashboards and Reporting

    You can view your Salesforce dashboards and reporting anywhere, online or offline, on your mobile device, desktop, laptop or even on your watch.

    It's more secure than on-premise legacy systems

    Salesforce is notable for their multi-factor security authentication. On March 15 of 2021, the company made an announcement to require it, beginning on 2/1/22, due to the changing global threat landscape. Salesforce’s security guide is robust and it addresses not only Salesforce administrators but the developers who work on your projects as well. You can view it here.

    Increased Profitability and Efficiency

    A large number of companies offer identical goods or services. But having a competent communication strategy will help you to stand out, retain customers, and increase their loyalty. Having complete data on your customers and prospects will help you to organize effective customer support and manage your sales funnels. Our CRM software supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team communication.



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