How Technology Gives you Competitive Advantage

If you want to keep your business outpacing the competition, especially in a lousy economy, create a buffer that will keep your company far ahead of them.

Competitive advantage holds the competition back, but a lot of leaders talk about it and don’t really know what “competitive advantage” is. Creating a new service or product can quickly be replicated and competitors can catch up with you in the blink of an eye. 

Technology can open a door and give you that leverage.

At Cider, we work with CTOs, CEOs, and business owners who have sales, marketing, and operational problems. We apply innovative technology solutions to improve their business processes. The result is greater sales, improved customer communications, and connected data points for easy visibility and decision making. This makes for happier customers and satisfied employees and leadership.

Our CEO, Ilya Lipovich gives his opinion on sustainable competitive advantage via technology in his latest Forbes article. You can get even more details on this topic by listening to this fast-moving roundtable conversation with Ilya’s guest, Bruce D. Werner, or watching the video, below.